Saturday, 30 January 2010


The Florals at the moment have basically been compared to wallpaper...........hmm....ok I think we can make this work, just please don't get too granny-ified. No, I'm only joking there are some really nice pieces out on the high street.

Here's  how I think you can rock the wallpaper look this 2010...............


This is super cute look, if you want to look like a little doll this is perfect for you. The dress is from topshop, the hat is from and the gloves are from

Here is a really ditzy print, it's quite neutral and so are the accessories, so the shoes give it a pop.
 The playsuit is from, the belt is from, the shoes are from by kelsi Dagger Belize, and the necklace is from


This is a really sweet dress, but I decided to toughen it up with a military jacket and miltiary boots. Then added feminine accessories. So you've got the floral, pastel and military trends going on all in one outfit - Busy girl!
So the dress is from, the jacket is from H&M, the boots are from, the ring is from 25Park, and the earrings are from

Underwear as Outerwear

Hey I just want to begin by saying thank you to The buzz On Fashion - which is a great blog might i add -  for my blog award :)

Ok I'm sure you've all heard about the underwear as outwear trend. Now this is a tricky one, and a lot of people don't know where to start. So I've found a great look on the Dior catwalk, and here is how to carry off this sexy look, with practicallity.

The catwalk Look...

And here is how you can create the look (with my own little twist).........

This is my interpretation of the look, and I think it's totally wearable. The dress is from, the trench is from, the ring is from, the shoes are from, and the bag is from

You've just got to get really creative, when it comes to this trend, have a little think and I'm sure you'll come with tons of fashion fabulousness :) Just remember shimmery fabrics, and loads of lace

Also remeber to tell your friends about my blog, and leave a comment if you like it. Also if you ever have any fashion dialemas or worries don't hesistate to ask!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

I feel a challenge coming on!!..........Floral Grunge

I have recently been challenged to come up with an outfit that is Floral Grunge. So today I am going to try and complete this challenge, let me know what you think, and we'll see if I've successfully completed my challenge, or if it was a comlete flop..........................

Ok this is my floral grunge look. I have picked a darker floral, and given it some edge with a studded waistcoat, which I layered over a plain top. I added a tattered scarf, and loads of rings. I added some battered boots ( that will look better and better with age) and added some brown pom-pom leg warmers for added grunge and fun.

 Please leave your comment and let me know if you think I've nailed the look or not. Or if you would like to challenge me, leave a comment with your challenge. :) It's on! ;)

The top is from The waistcoat is from The skirt is from The scarf is from The leg warmers are from The boots are from The first ring is from The second ring is from The last ring is from

Saturday, 23 January 2010

The IT colour for spring/summer

Hellooo my lovlies, how are we all doing?

Today I am going to report on the new IT colour which is .....Yellow :)

I like the colour yellow, I think it's really fresh and vibrant. Although being a blonde, some people think that I can't wear yellow. But ladies don't be fooled! You can wear yellow whatever your skintone or hair colour as long as it's the right shade.

So let me tell you the basic rule........

Pale skin = warm tones
Black and olive skin = acid brights

Although I just have to say, you should try on a few different shades and work out what one suits you best. Because although I have blonde hair and fair skin, I do suit pastel colours, so I steer more in that direction. It's all just trial and error.

Ok here are my sunny picks for the season.....

Top 5 dresses

Ok personally this is my favourite, its just toooo cute not too love :) It's from and its a sherri hill dress.

This is will brighten your mood on the darkest of days, just look at this acid bright dress, and its got ruffles (Key trend alert) It is from

This lovely casual dress will be super comfy and is great if you don't want a block colour it is from

This lovely little dress isn't too bright and is really feminine, and has also got a floral print( Another Key trend) It is from

I love this sophisticated dress, its really nice and would look fab with a tan. It is an Alice + Oliver dress from

Top 5 bottoms

I lurveee this skirt it's a darker shade of yellow, and it isn't so bright that it pratically blinds you ... which is always a good thing lol. I really like the bow at the top of the skirt it gives it a playful feel. It is a Chloe skirt and is from

For all those who like the bodycon look, this ones for you. You can buy it at

These shorts will be perfect for you if you're gonna try out the Club Tropicana look this summer. They are Marc Jacobs and you can buy them at

If you like a girly, fun look this maruione tutu is perfect.

These leggings will look lovely under a printed dress that features a little bit of yellow.

Top 5 Accessories

If you don't want to go out wearing full-on yellow, then inject some colour wih your accessories. They will keep you looking fresh and bang on trend....

How can you not smile once you've seen this watch?!It's Betsey Johnson and you can pick it up from

This Juicy Couture earring are lurrrvly, buy them now from

This leather flow pin will look great on your coat, or scarf now. And will look just as great on your cardigan or bag in the summer. It is from

This sweet little ring is from Topshop.

This belt will look fab with the Khaki trend mix some yellow and brown accessories for a cool look. It is from

So ladies I hope I've helped when it comes to all yellow-related dialemas, have a good weekend xo

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Designer Lookalike

Now as I've previously reported ruffles, chifon, and pastels with all be HUGE come spring/summer. I was looking at Chloe's spring 2010 catwalk, and a dress stood out to me. And it ticks all the right boxes............... except price. So I'm been scouring the High Street to find you a lookalike, and here's what I came up with.....

Ok now for my high street look-a-like outift

Ok the top of this dress's design gives the same effect of the cape of the designer version. It is light and summery and you can buy it from The shoes are retro and are from The headband is from, and the ring is from

Keep checking in, to see more designer look-a-likes and much more. Tell your Friends!!
Love from The Fashion Junkie xx

Saturday, 16 January 2010

The 2010 sailor

As per usualy nautical will be in this summer. ( I've been writing a lot of posts about spring/summer wardrobe choices to get you ready, but if you still would like some advice on winter then let me know)

Anyway back to nautical, it's been given a twist. This year the way to wear your stripes is to pair it with its revial - spots. Do you not know where to begin, well let me give you a head start and get them creative juices flowing........

The blazer is two trends in one, and is from Topshop. The outfit is quite fierce so it makes it more girly, soft and casual. I paired it with a plain black vest top from I teamed it with a lace skirt, which ticks another trend box especially as it's tiered as well, and that's from Then to finish it all off I added this stripy, Rihanna-esc boots by alexander wang  luisaviaroma.

Here is another look I've put together

If you are going to mix striped and spots it looks good if you keep common colours within them. The top is from New Look, and so is the scarf. The jeggings are from The shoes are lanvin linen and leather ballerina flats from

And my last outfit .....

Ok this look had defintely got the whole nautical vibe going on. The top is from, the skirt is from topshop, the hat is by Eugenia Kin Max 11 straw fedora at, the shoes are from and the bracelt is from

Hope this helped x