Saturday, 13 February 2010

In-between Winter & Spring

Oh goshhhhh i haven't done a post for aaaggggeeeesss, I guess I haven't got any excuse now though, considering I'm on my half term. So it's time for some loooong hours in front of the PC ahaha.

Well today my lovelys I shall help you with the in-between dressing - we all know how hard that can be. It's time to bridge the gap between winter and spring dressing.

The thing to remember when it comes to In-between season dressing is really just layering. I've layered lots of tops over each over to keep me warm - but they don't bulk me up. Personally I love a oversized cardigan with the sleeves rolled up & a long sleeved top peaking out at the ends underneath, I think it looks really chic. Adding bracelts keeps it all stylish and pretty.

Also with your in-between dressing, you want to pick up on colours and shapes that are going to be big next season and what will see you through then as well. :) E.g. A blush coloured top - it's a colour thats going to be seen again and again all summer long.

Now bearing in mind all that I've said about layering,and keeping things up-to-date I think we're ready to look at some other outfits that I've put together............

This outfit is great, for the just before spring period. But if you want to wear it before that just add some leggings - sorted :)  This luuurvely jacket is from , as is the dress. The ankle boots are from Joe Browns, and the bracelet is from

This outfit is really versatile, you could wear it out with the girls, to work, or just out on the town. It is super pretty and I really like it. We've kept it on trend with vintage florals, a satchel bag, and a jewl coloured balzer. For maximum effect make sure the knit, is on top of the blazer, but underneath the lapels, so it is worn as a scarf.  
The blazer is from as is the knit, and the shoes. The skirt and bag is from The bracelet is from 

I've chosen a cropped jacket, for when you don't need long sleeves, but you can easily add a long-sleeved black top underneath the lace one. I also chose cropped harem pants instead of long ones, for when it gets a little bit warmer. This is a fierce look, that looks best worn with attitude ;)

The jacket is from, the lace top is from, the harem pants are from, the bracelet is also from, and the boots are from miss selfridge.